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In 1955 mr. Sprenger and mr. Brommer started a production company in a picturesque canalside house along the 'Luttik Oudorp' in Alkmaar in the Netherlands, for the production of a.o. interior brushes and scratch brushes for the 'professional' user.
When the brushes popped literally out of the loft window, in the middle of the sixties the commission was given to build greater premises along the 'Kitmanstraat' in the industrial zone 'Overdie'.


 This premises is several times enlarged and in 1999 the floor area of the production department and stockrooms was doubled by means of an internal alteration.
Increasing export activities were the reason to change the name in  
"S&B International"

Nevertheless for many the name 'Sprenger & Brommer' is indelible and synonymous for technical brushes.


S&B has developed to a real specialist for brush ware.
For an expert advice and a professional solution you have come by us to the right address. As partner for trade and industry we are ready for our customers with expert know-how.
The assumption that a specialist costs more than a 'total supplier' is a misunderstanding. It is a matter-of-course that custom-made products cost more than standard products.
On the other hand the customer is assured of a good piece of equipment that is geared to his needs and the application and functions optimally. Calling in a specialist on time yields money.


In advertisement campaigns of the last years the 'challenge' was in the spotlight. To emphasize once more that (almost) no application is too eccentric.
Beside strip brushes for a.o. greenhouses, brushes for sweepers, brushes used in metal construction trades, concrete and stone factories, offshore, shipbuiling, mechanical repair centres, installation branch, boiler building, compost factories, food and pharmaceutical industry, S&B produces also brushes for wind turbines, oil skimmers, yachts and dodgem cars. Even for design clocks the S&B brush rings are used. And what to think of cows who indulge themselves with brushes of S&B?!



For S&B these are the requirements for a long-lasting relationship.
A quality care system guarantees continuous high-quality. On computerized, fully automatic machines the SuperBrush® assortment is produced. SuperBrush® products, that are delivered from our stocks, find often their way to the end-user by the technical (whole-)sale distributors.


The assignment for the development and supply of brushes for production companies often happens without interference of wholesalers. Therefore the distributor misses not only the proceed, but harms his image of 'total supplier'. A often heard reaction is: 'we do not know about that'. We cannot emphasize often enough: Wé know how. Wé the work, together the profit. For S&B the wholesale distributor is the spider in the web. 


S&B is characterized as specialist in technical brushes and takes as such a prominent position in on the Dutch market. For both sale and wholesale we have an extensive assortment brushes; for industrial user S&B develops custom-made brushes. Developments in the branch industrial delivery are sticked closely. We are open to extending our assortment, but not outside the sector. We call ourselves not for nothing: 'the specialist in technical brushes for trade and industry'.