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S&B International is a Dutch company, that produces technical brushes since 1955 for professional users in a wide variety of industries, a.o. metal working trades, concrete construction, stone factories, shipbuilding, greenhouses, furniture industry, mechanical repair centres, installation branch, food and pharmaceutical industries, wind turbines, offshore industries etc. etc.
Besides the extensive SuperBrush® program we also produce custom-made brushes. As partner for trade and industry we guarantee an expert advice and a professional solution.
SuperBrush® products are almost always supplied from our stocks. For deliveries in the Netherlands holds: orders before 12 AM are delivered the next day, barring unforeseen circumstances. Custom-made productions last somewhat longer.

Quality, continuity and reliability

For S&B these are the requirements for a long-lasting relationship. Extensive tests are an important part of the development of each new product. On computerized, fully automatic machines the SuperBrush® assortment is produced. A quality care system guarantees continuous high-quality. Many SuperBrush® products are packed individually. The decorated cartons can be hanged on the back wall of the cupboard. EAN codes are printed on the packages.

Surplus value of a specialist

S & B International is concerned to supply the correct brush for each individual area of application. The knowledge and the know-how of our workers form the base to meet these high daily requirements. On the one hand a good judge of the application and conditions and selection of the brush type, and on the other hand the brush filling material are the decisive factors for the development of the optimal brush.
The assumption that a specialist costs more than a 'total supplier' is a misunderstanding. It is a matter-of-course that custom-made products cost more than standard products. On the other hand the customer is assured of a good piece of equipment that is geared to his needs and to the application and functions optimally. Calling in a specialist on time yields money.

Cooperation and support

S&B cooperates with (whole-)sale distributors and industry. We support our trade customers with advice and sales promotion materials. This can be the composition of a product catalogue or website, or the development of actions and leaflets. Also training for salesman is one of the possibilities. The assignment for the development and supply of brushes for the industry often happens without interference of wholesalers. For many technical wholesalers the use of brushes by their customers is unknown. This harms their image of 'total supplier'.
S&B supports wholesalers with advice of the correct brush. For S&B (whole-)sale is the spider in the web.


Technology to meet customer requirements

SUPERBRUSH brushes are quality brushes. S&B International produces since 1955 in her factory in Alkmaar many millions of brushes annually. For such volumes special technical equipment is necessary. Our fully automatic production facilities are used to meet both the quality and production demands. From our stocks we can supply very fast many standard brushes or brushes according to instructions of our customers. In our research and development department we constantly test the life span of brushes to ensure that our findings results in the highest quality products. For our customers who require brushes for specific tasks we also test them to ensure their suitability. We are also specialists in custom-made brushes, be they large or small production series.